Peterborough mosquito forecast: lots in the spring, not so much for summer

Click to play video: 'Will this be a bad year for mosquitoes?' Will this be a bad year for mosquitoes?
Caley Bedore talks with two local experts to find out if 2018 will be a bad year for mosquitoes and how we can protect ourselves – May 25, 2018

Mosquitoes will be back this spring with a vengeance but it won’t last, according to Peterborough entomologist and mosquito expert, Dr. David Beresford. He predicts the pesky bugs will be out in full force for a few weeks, but then start to die off.

“In the next few weeks they are going to be coming out like crazy because it was such a delayed spring, but once they hit that summer drought their numbers will drop right off,” he said. “The season overall won’t be too bad,” he added.

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Outdoor enthusiast and camping expert, Kevin Callan, said there are a few ways to ward off mosquitoes. “Wear light colours,” said Callan. “They are attracted to dark clothing so black and navy blue are bad choices.”

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Callan also suggested wearing bug spray.

“Something containing DEET works best, but if you want to avoid that, some natural repellents work if you reapply more often,” said Callan.

Callan also suggested avoiding “freaking out” because the bugs can find you through heat emissions.

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“The mosquito smells your breath,” said Beresford. “They can tell that there is something worth biting and as soon as it senses there might be a meal there, they spit out some anti-coagulant and then they start sucking your blood.”

He said your body then realizes something, in this case mosquito spit, shouldn’t be there and causes you to itch.

“Be prepared for a few bad weeks, maybe a month,” said Beresford. “But don’t let them keep you out of the woods.”

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