‘Deadpool 2’ review: Ryan Reynolds superhero movie an absolute blast

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WATCH: 'Deadpool 2' trailer (WARNING: Foul language) – Mar 22, 2018

NOTE: This review is spoiler-free. Read on with no worries.

We all know how sequels are: lame, half-hearted attempts to recapture the magic of the first movie, usually flopping at the box office and with audiences. Not so with Deadpool 2, the follow-up to the immensely successful original.

It is smarter, funnier and tighter than the first Deadpool, and it features an ensemble cast rather than just laser-focusing on the star, Ryan Reynolds. That’s not to say there isn’t a lot of time with Reynolds, who continues to astound with stellar comedic timing. The man is funny from start to finish, and this time he’s joined by more characters to fill in the gaps when things get a little Wade Wilson-heavy.

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I haven’t heard a lot about the movie’s plot. What’s up with that?

There’s a reason. It’s tough to describe the movie without spoiling any elements of it, since the main story starts pretty much right off the bat. In broad strokes, the plot involves our favourite superhero, Deadpool, going on a quest for retribution. For what, we cannot reveal, and to where, we cannot say. Just know there’s a lot of butt-kicking, great action and vulgarity-laden dialogue as he goes about it. There are almost no “down” moments in the entire movie.

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Who are these other characters you’re talking about?

As most people have heard, Josh Brolin takes on the role of “baddie” Cable in Deadpool 2. In case, for whatever reason, you weren’t impressed with his recent turn as bad guy Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, you’ll be blown away (quite literally) here. The absolutely ripped Brolin nails the role, and given the gruffness of his character, he still manages to elicit plenty of laughs.

Other standouts include Zazie Beetz, who plays the charismatic Domino, Julian Dennison as troubled preteen Russell and Rob Delaney as the mustachioed Peter. Usually, in ensemble movies, it’s an annoying grapple between stars vying for screen time. In the case of Deadpool 2, there’s no jostling for the spotlight. The team comes together seamlessly and it’s a laugh-riot.

Also prepare for a bunch of unexpected, fun cameos.

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What about Ryan Reynolds’ performance?

Reynolds has really perfected the embodiment of Deadpool. In the first movie, he could sometimes come across as grating, and there were irritating moments as he continually broke (shattered?) the fourth wall. In Deadpool 2, he continues to break the fourth wall, but somehow his edginess has been slightly blunted. It could be the combination of the ensemble and the fact that Reynolds is slightly older, but to say that he’s “matured” is taking it too far. This is juvenile, base-level humour at its finest. If you don’t like swearing, stay far, far away from this movie.

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Any treats for fans?

Aside from the cameos, there are Easter eggs throughout for fans of Marvel and Deadpool — right from the very first shot of the film, in fact! Fans and detractors of the X-Men, for example, will have a great time. There are also multiple references to Canada, and anyone familiar with Vancouver will see plenty of the city in numerous shots.

Pro tip: stay for the mid-credits scene. I don’t usually recommend it, but this one shouldn’t be missed.

So what’s the bottom line?

In an era of superhero movies and repetitive plotlines, Deadpool 2 blows the status-quo “superhero film” out of the water. It’s the best one to hit theatres in years, and its originality goes a long way. There’s so much fun contained in the movie’s two-hour runtime, it goes by in a blink; while it’s not appropriate for the kiddies, adults will have a blast. Unless you’re a stick in the mud. You don’t want to be a stick in the mud, do you?

‘Deadpool 2’ is now playing in theatres across Canada.