Neil Patrick Harris professes love for B.C., sings ‘O Canada’ atop mountain

Actor Neil Patrick Harris was hiking in B.C. on Monday and posted this video to his Instagram account.

The caption reads: “Hiking in B.C. – while I’m anxious to get back to my life in NYC, I’ll sure miss the nature and majestic beauty of 🇨🇦. Vancouver is extraordinary.”

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In his ever funny self, Harris talks about how this is his last weekend in Canada so he decided to take a hike.

“On this, my last weekend in Canada, I take an amazing hike.”

Standing atop a mountain, he sings “O Canada” and ends the video with a big smile.

“Good times,” he says.

This is not the first the Emmy winner has professed his love for Vancouver.

He has called Vancouver a “fantastic city” to The New York Times and praised it for being health-conscious with plenty of outdoor activities.

Harris has been in Vancouver for the past couple of years filming the Netflix original: A Series of Unfortunate Events, where he plays the evil “Count Olaf.”