With Metro Vancouver gas prices topping $1.60/L, Langley thieves drill it out of people’s tanks

Click to play video: 'Thieves drill into vehicle fuel tanks in Langley as gas prices hit record highs.' Thieves drill into vehicle fuel tanks in Langley as gas prices hit record highs.
Vehicle owners in Langley say thieves drilled into their fuel tanks leaving them without gas and costly repair bills. John Hua reports – Apr 27, 2018

Gas prices in Metro Vancouver are set to hit all new highs on Sunday, reaching up to $1.62 per litre in parts of the region.

Thieves, meanwhile, are devising all new ways to steal it out of people’s tanks.

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A number of trucks had their tanks sapped of gas on Walnut Grove Drive in Langley on Monday morning.

Brent Theidale was one victim whose tank was tapped.

“I noticed that the gas cap was closed and I was standing in basically a puddle of gas,” he told Global News.

He found a quarter-sized hole drilled into his truck’s plastic fuel tank.

Langley RCMP have been notified about the incidents.

Replacing a fuel tank costs over $1,000. But with gas prices where they are, stealing a truck tank’s worth of gas could sap people of an additional $130.

A tapped fuel tank.
A tapped fuel tank. Global News

“I’ve got a feeling I’ll be seeing more like this,” said Rick Cosco, the owner of a Big O Tires location, looking at a tapped fuel tank.

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“And it’s unfortunate because it’s a real kick in the backside.”

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The days of drill thefts likely aren’t done, with prices set to climb by as much as $0.02 per litre on Sunday.

Theilade is claiming the damage through insurance, but the deductible is about $300.

“Somebody knows where to drill the hole and maybe has experience with a certain type of vehicle,” he said.

It’s proof that gas thieves are literally hitting a new low.

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