Public cannabis stores in B.C. to operate under retail brand ‘BC Cannabis Stores’

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WATCH: Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General Mike Farnsworth answers questions at a press conference Thursday about what B.C. stores selling legalized marijuana look like – Apr 26, 2018

The B.C. government has announced once legalized, public cannabis stores and the online retail store for non-medical cannabis will operate under the new brand BC Cannabis Stores.

The government says this will align with the BC Liquor Stores brand and will be used to support the wholesale distribution and sale of non-medical cannabis.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of the Attorney General says the brand was created using already budgeted resources within the government.

“The B.C. Government used in-house graphic services to develop the BC Cannabis Stores brand. No additional costs were incurred.”

British Columbia has decided not to allow the sale of recreational pot in liquor stores, rather the drug will be sold an stand-alone stores that are both government or privately owned.

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It is expected the first government-operated retail store and online sales will be up and running by end summer 2018 meaning residents will have access to non-medical cannabis, once legalized.

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Retail stores will be permitted to sell a maximum of 30 grams of dried cannabis (or its equivalent in oil) to an individual at any one time. Any details on cost have not been released at this time.

BC Cannabis Stores will be the province’s sole online cannabis retailer.

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