B.C. municipal election 2018: Duncan results

Duncan city councillor Michelle Staples has won a promotion to mayor, garnering 494 votes compared to 468 for fellow councillor Martin Barker, according to unofficial results from CivicInfo BC. Staples replaced outgoing mayor Phil Kent, who announced in August that he wouldn’t be running again. He had been mayor since 2005.

Only one incumbent councillor, Tom Duncan, won another term. He will be joined by five first-time councillors: Jenni Capps, Stacy Middlemiss, Garry Bruce, Robert Brooke and Carol Newington.

Below is the full list of the candidates for mayor and council.



Martin L Barker

Daniel R Helmer

Sharon E Jackson

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Michelle P Staples


Mark C Anderson

Robert J Brooke

Tom M Duncan (incumbent)

Lura A McCallum

Garry F Bruce

Roger Bruce (incumbent)

Jenni Capps

Gordon F Heppell

Stacy L Middlemiss

Carol Newington

George Nielsen

Glen E Santics


Duncan — at 2.07 square kilometres, it’s Canada’s smallest city. You’ll find it on Vancouver Island’s east side, in the Cowichan Valley between Nanaimo and Victoria.

Population (2016)



The Cowichan and Coast Salish peoples were first to inhabit the Duncan area, spending at least 6,000 years there.

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Then Spanish and English explorers arrived in the 1790s.

Then, in 1862, William Chalmers Duncan landed at Cowichan Bay, and he and his men set up cabins, cleared land and grew food to feed both themselves and cattle.

The area’s population grew with the construction of the Esquimalt and Nanaimo railway in the 1880s.

An economy consisting of forestry and agriculture grew there. It also had mining for a time.

The Cowichan Creamery also set up in the area, producing widely-heralded butter. The valley’s grass and climate were credited for helping to produce milk that was so desired, it was sent to Nanaimo and Victoria.

Median total income of couple economic families with children (2015)/B.C. median


Crime Severity Index (CSI) — 2016

RCMP – rural/B.C.

177.99 (+22.68)/93.63 (-0.71)

Violent Crime Severity Index (VCSI) — 2016

RCMP – rural/B.C.

103.03 (-7.62)/75.86 (-9.81)

Political representation


Alistair MacGregor (NDP)

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Sonia Furstenau (Green)

Doug Routley (B.C. NDP)