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Quebec author Kim Thuy is a Greater Montrealer.
Quebec author Kim Thuy is a Greater Montrealer. Global News

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Take a look at who we’re meeting this week on Focus Montreal:

Focus Montreal: Are Canada’s fertility laws outdated?
Focus Montreal: Are Canada’s fertility laws outdated?

Are Canada’s fertility laws outdated?

Mount Royal MP Anthony Housefather is mobilizing to change Canadian laws on surrogacy and sperm donation.

Housefather joined members of his Liberal caucus and other stakeholders at a press conference on Parliament Hill last month.

He wants to decriminalize payment for surrogates’ sperm and egg donations.

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Under current legislation, paying for donations or to have a surrogate carry a baby is a criminal offence.

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A couple can actually go to jail for up to 10 years if they are caught.

Anthony Housefather joined Global’s senior anchor Jamie Orchard to explain why he thinks the laws are outdated and how they should change.

Focus Montreal: Quebec subsidized daycares, a model to emulate?
Focus Montreal: Quebec subsidized daycares, a model to emulate?

Quebec’s subsidized daycare system, a model to emulate?

For years, Quebec’s subsidized daycare program has had parents in other parts of the country looking on with envy.

Just last month the head of the Bank of Canada pointed to our model as a way to reboot the economy by helping women with children work more easily.

Under Quebec’s daycare program, parents now pay between $7 and $20 a day for child care.

That’s compared to rates of about $65 per day in other large cities.

A new study from the Institute for Research on Public Policy looks at what makes Quebec so exceptional in this area.

Olivier Jacques, a McGill doctoral candidate in political science and one of the authors of the study, discusses his findings.

Focus Montreal: Meet #GreatMTLer Kim Thuy
Focus Montreal: Meet #GreatMTLer Kim Thuy

Meet Great Montrealer Kim Thuy

Global News continues its special series profiling Great Montrealers — people in our community who are making a difference in remarkable ways.

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Our great Montrealer this week can teach us all a lesson in gratitude, beauty and the power of pure joy.

Kim Thuy is a world-famous Quebec author whose books have won numerous awards and been translated into dozens of languages.

Thuy sat down with Orchard to share her story and how she views the world.

There are so many Great Montrealers around us. If you know someone who should be profiled as part of Global News’ Greater Montreal campaign, don’t forget to nominate them!

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