7 ‘green jobs’ for environmentally conscious Canadians in demand now

Demand for ecologists has spiked 98 per cent over a three-year period, according to Indeed Canada data. LeoPatrizi/Getty Images

Did you know 62 per cent of Canada’s undiverted waste comes from commercial operations, industry, institutions and construction?

With so much waste being generated by these types of businesses according to the Conference Board of Canada, some wonder what they can do to reduce their ecological footprint through the jobs they do. These are known as “green jobs,” and more and more opportunities are popping up across the country in an effort to help the environment.

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“We define green jobs as jobs that are related to environmental protection,” says Jodi Kasten, managing director of Indeed Canada. “Demand is increasing as we become more aware of how important environmental protection is for our country and as all industries consider the environmental impact associated with their operations.”

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And that demand is expected to increase in the future, Kasten says.

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“The Canadian economy and particularly the labour market are going quite well, and with that jobs are being created in Canada across various industries and we’re certainly seeing growth in demand for environmental jobs on Indeed,” she says. “This is a trend that we’ll continue to track over the next year.”

According to Kasten, as companies consider the impact their operations have on the environment, there’s a level of collective responsibility that leads to the creation of environmental jobs.

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“Environmental jobs in Canada are crucial to the sustainability of our country, and, we find environmental workers in various sectors from resource conservation to energy and the private sector,” Kasten explains.

To see what green jobs are most in demand now and are the fastest growing, Kasten and Indeed Canada compiled a list of seven based on Indeed data that interested and environmentally conscious Canadians can ponder.

(Data for salary information was not available.)

1. Recycling worker

Description: Sort materials like metals, glass, wood, paper or plastic for recycling.
Growth in the last three years: 
188 per cent
Education: High school diploma

2. Ecologist

Description: Specialist scientists who survey ecosystems.
Growth in the last three years: 
98 per cent
Education: Bachelor’s degree

3. Director of environmental services

Description: This job focuses on achieving compliance and reducing, or eliminating, risks while protecting the natural environment.
Growth in the last three years: 
74 per cent
Education: Bachelor’s degree or diploma

4. Environmental scientists

Description: Environmental scientists conduct scientific studies, prepare reports and develop plans to ensure the environment is preserved.
Growth in the last three years: 
34 per cent
Education: Bachelor’s degree

5. Environmental technician

Description: Work on projects to assess, clean up and protect the environment.
Growth in the last three years: 
29 per cent
Education: Bachelor’s degree or diploma

6. Environmental specialist

Description: Scientists who observe our impact on the environment, identify problem areas and recommend solutions.
Growth in the last three years: 
26 per cent
Education: Bachelor’s degree

7. Environmental compliance specialist

Description: Investigates suspected violations of pollution control laws.
Growth in the last three years: 
19 per cent
Education: Bachelor’s degree


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