Humboldt Broncos crash: Brother of Stephen Wack remembers him as selfless, humble

Humboldt Broncos defenceman Stephen Wack.

He may have been the biggest member of the Humboldt Broncos but there was more to Stephen Wack than brawn.

His brother Justin said the 21-year-old was passionate about video editing and one of the most generous and humble people you could meet.

“It’s important to shed a light on how modest and how selfless of a person Stephen was,” his brother Justin said.

“He wouldn’t like me talking like this,” Justin joked.

“Because he was so modest and he never really wanted to be singled out, but he definitely deserves it.”

It was both surprising and heartwarming for Justin to see the community come together in the wake of the tragedy.

Justin Wack. lost brother in Humboldt Broncos crash. Facebook / Justin Wack

“I have people that I haven’t talked to since junior high that have texted me and said hey, if you need anything I’m here for you,” he said. “So it really does bring people together.”

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And it wasn’t just those close to home that were ready to lend their support.

Stephen’s favourite band was the Chainsmokers, and it was his dream for them to one day see the videos he made inspired by and featuring their music.

And thanks to Justin, it happened.

Justin was shocked to see the response, and while the circumstances may not be ideal, Stephen’s videos have made a mark.

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It was a passion of his outside hockey, and one that bonded them as brothers.

“When he’d be home, I’d work on my music on my laptop with my headphones and he’d sit next to me and be working on his latest video. Being totally blind, giving him feedback, I wasn’t the greatest at that,” Justin said, laughing. “But he’d give me feedback on my music.”

Even as he mourns, Justin’s thoughts turned to the people still suffering in the wake of the tragedy.

“Please keep Dayna Brons, the (athletic therapist), please keep her family in your prayers tonight,” he said. “All the boys loved her. She was fantastic.”

Brons died Wednesday of injuries she obtained in the crash.

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Justin said he hopes the people who are healing aren’t forgotten in the grieving process.

“What gets lost is that 16 people didn’t make – which is terrible,” he explained.

“But there’s still 13 more of them who are alive and who are making it. That itself is a miracle.”

Overall, Justin has amazing memories of his brother – and appreciates the outpouring support in the wake of the loss.

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He’s learned a lesson that can apply to anyone with a brother or sister.

“I was really glad that I had a really close relationship with my brother,” Justin said. “Whether you fight or not, at the end of the day you’re still siblings and that will never change.”

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