Premier Scott Moe says Sask. also considering cutting B.C. off from gas over pipeline delay

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe says Saskatchewan is considering cutting B.C. off from Saskatchewan oil and gas.
Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe says Saskatchewan is considering cutting B.C. off from Saskatchewan oil and gas. File / Global News

Premier Scott Moe says Saskatchewan is considering following Alberta’s lead to block oil and gas shipments to British Columbia due to B.C.’s opposition to the expansion of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Pipeline.

“We are looking at what legislation in Alberta may look like with respect to turning the taps off, if you will, on Alberta energy heading to British Columbia,” Moe said Wednesday.

“We support that legislation as it comes to fruition. We’ll look at legislation here too if need be to ensure we are not filling the gap, if you will.”

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If both Alberta and Saskatchewan cut B.C. off from neighbouring fuel supplies, Moe feels it will be an effective enough message, and is not considering other measures.

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Moe is adamant that this is pipeline is federal jurisdiction, and as it has approval from the National Energy Board, construction needs to go ahead.

“[Are] the ports, are the pipelines, are the railways under the federal purview? Is the coastline a Canadian coastline or is it a British Columbian coastline? Because if it is not a Canadian coastline then we have another conversation to have,” Moe said.

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Moe says that his office has not been in contact with B.C. Premier John Horgan on this issue. His office and Alberta Premier Rachel Notley’s office have been discussing the pipeline.

Moe adds that these pipeline delays cost the Government of Saskatchewan $100 million annually in resource royalties.

Notley has indicated her government will move aggressively on their legislation. The Alberta NDP have also floated the idea of buying the pipeline outright to get it done.

Experts predict that if Alberta cuts B.C. off from their oil and gas, it could drive gasoline prices up to $2 to $3 per litre.

Kinder Morgan has already announced it intends to scale back the $7.4 billion project. They have given Ottawa and Justin Trudeau a May 31 deadline to provide concrete assurance they will be able to complete the expansion.

With files from Richard Zussman and The Canadian Press

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