Man arrested after random and vicious bite attack

A 30-year-old man has been arrested after biting an apparent stranger in Kingston. Kingston Police/File

Kingston Police say a 30-year-old Kingston man was arrested after he arrived at a downtown home, knocked at a door and viciously bit the man who answered.

According to Cam Mack, media relations officer for the Kingston Police, the accused arrived at a woman’s home in Kingston on April 3 around 5 a.m., came onto the woman’s porch and started throwing her belongings around.

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Two days later, the woman had a male friend over at her home in downtown Kingston. According to police, the male friend said he heard a noise at the door, so he went to check it out. When he opened the door, the same man who had visited two days earlier pounced on the male friend and reportedly started biting him repeatedly.

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He did not stop biting the man until he heard the police were called, Mack says. He then ran away, yelling at the bitten man that he was going to kill him.

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According to police, the victim suffered significant bite wounds and needed to be transported to hospital.

A short time later officers located the accused at an address on Rideau Street and arrested him. Mack said the man who allegedly bit the victim has previously been involved with the police, but could not specify for what reason. The police could not comment on whether or not the accused was suffering from mental health issues.

Mack did say that the woman knew who the man was, but he said that she did not have a relationship with the accused.

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