Nova Scotia man appeals for help in getting mother’s stolen car back from Alberta

Click to play video: 'Nova Scotia man asking for help getting mother’s stolen car back from Alberta' Nova Scotia man asking for help getting mother’s stolen car back from Alberta
WATCH: After his mother's car was stolen from rural Nova Scotia and found impounded in Calgary Dennis Dunphy started crowdfunding in hopes of returning the vehicle. Jeremy Keefe reports – Mar 31, 2018

A rural Nova Scotia man is trying to bring his mother’s vehicle back home after it was stolen and later found impounded in Calgary.

Dennis Dunphy says when his mother, Vivian, went to pick up a senior citizen to go grocery shopping in mid-December, her car was stolen.

The local authorities had no leads in the case and for about two months they were unsure the car would ever be seen again.

But in February, they were contacted by the City of Calgary due to the car being impounded.

Though they were initially happy to know it had been found, their feelings soon turned to concern.

“They told us that there were going to be impound fees,” he explained. “$40 a day as well as the towing bill.”

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“Somewhere between $250 and $300 and so those fees would’ve accumulated from the time they had the car until right now,” Dennis said.

Through numerous calls to city officials, Dunphy says they have agreed to waive the fees. However, getting it back from the other side of the country remains a challenge too big for the two of them to overcome on their own.

He’s now set up a GoFundMe page to attempt to crowdfund the shipping costs, though it hasn’t been moving along as quickly as he’d like — especially considering he was told it could go up for auction as early as April 17.

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“This has been very stressful on my poor mother and I’ve been doing everything I can, making all kinds of phone calls,” he explained. “It’s just been a real struggle for her.”

“Hopefully I might find a trucking organization that might be willing to help [by offering] my mother a reasonable rate to get that car shipped home,” he said. “If they were coming home with not a full load and could put that little car on there.”

The GoFundMe Page can be found at

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