Mover arrested after dispute with Kingston family

WATCH ABOVE: Kingston resident Lisa Egginton says her family is devastated to have possibly lost irreplaceable items after a mover failed to bring them to their new home.

The Egginton family had hoped to make a new start in Kingston.

Now they are at a loss as they say the company they hired to move their belongings never brought the items to their new home.

Lisa Egginton says her family is devastated to have possibly lost irreplaceable items.

“He’s taken our whole lives in this trailer,” she said. “Things I can’t get back — baby pictures, personal documents…”

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She says the toughest part about the ordeal is explaining the situation to her kids.

“To children, those are their belongings and they have meaning,” she said. “[To] my children, a bad man took their things, and I don’t know how to explain that to them any other way.”

She says the truck hired to transport their belongings during the move also had a four-seater ATV and several pieces of furniture in it.

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Eggington says the mover claimed issues with his truck en route from central Alberta to Kingston.

He also demanded more money for the delay, but the situation escalated from there and Kingston police stepped in.

Egginton says the mover made death threats towards her family during the dispute.

Police arrested the mover near Prescott, with another person’s items in his truck.

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Egginton is now on the hunt for her belongings, and is concerned they might still be in the possession of the mover.

“He will go and take the items and either relocate or destroy them, because so far that is what he has proved he is capable of,” she said.

The man has since been released on bail. Kingston police are asking for anyone with information that might assist in the case to contact them.