Woman claims she is victim of moving company scam

Movers unloading a moving van.
Movers unloading a moving van. Getty Images
MONTREAL – Moving from one city to another is a stressful task for anyone, but for one woman and her daughter, moving from Winnipeg to Montreal – has become a living nightmare.Three weeks ago, Chantel Henderson moved to her apartment in Montreal. She was expecting her belongings to be delivered on September 15th, by the moving company, First Class Vanlines but they never showed up.“I tried contacting them through phone and email with no success,” she told Global News.A few days later her aunt called them, hoping they would answer the unknown number. They told her Henderson’s moving date had been rescheduled to Saturday, September 20th and simply forgot to tell her.WATCH: Man waits two months for mover to pay damagesWhen Saturday rolled around, Henderson waited but said the movers still did not show up.Frustrated, she decided to do research on the moving company and found reviews from customers from across Canada who claim they had been swindled by First Class Vanlines.Disappointed customers claim the company demands double and triple the amounts originally estimated, by holding belongings ransom, until they are paid.Henderson believes she is a victim of a similar scam. She received a new bill at 2,000$ instead of the original quote of 1,000$.

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A booking agent at First Class Vanlines told Global News that Henderson’s bill was triple the estimate because the weight of her belongings was more than they had originally quoted.When Henderson asked for the weight ticket to prove the weight was more, she said they refused to send her one.Henderson said she filed a police report but because the movers took her belongings in Winnipeg, she has to file a report with police services in that city.
“It’s getting colder and we have no warm clothes to wear because the moving company has everything we own,” she said.

“I’m at the end of my rope dealing with school, these movers, our empty apartment and a dwindling bank account.”

The company has told Global News as well as Chantel Henderson that her belongings will be delivered on Monday.

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