The Just Married Jacket: a leather jacket knitting a community of brides

WATCH ABOVE: Montrealer Jodi Tellier is looking to lend her 'Just Married Jacket' to brides-to-be. Joining similar chapters in Toronto, New York, Philadelphia and England. Global's Gloria Henriquez reports.

A new and unexpected bridal trend is bringing Canadian brides together.

“The Just Married Jacket” leather is a black buttery leather jacket with the words “Just Married” scripted in the back and it’s part of a new trend that has arrived in Montreal for local brides to share.

“It’s the sisterhood of the travelling jacket, it’s one of the cute things that we call it,” Jodi Tellier said, the calligraphist behind Someday Art Co.

Tellier created the jacket for any Montreal bride to borrow at no cost — if you want to use it,  just bring a bottle a wine in exchange.

The idea started in Toronto, with bride and calligrapher Sylvia Wong.

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When Wong got married in 2016, she took her favourite leather jacket and after teaching herself calligraphy, wrote “Just Married” on the back.

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Instead of letting her jacket collect dust in the closet, Wong decided to share it.

Two years later, 54 new Toronto brides have worn that same jacket.

Sylvia Wong in her “Just Married” jacket.
Sylvia Wong in her “Just Married” jacket. Jennifer Moher Photography

“I just thought it was a really nice community building thing that she did. I also really like red wine,” Tellier explained with a smile.

In spite of having recently created the Montreal jacket, Tellier’s version has already been worn.

Amanda, Montreal’s first bride wearing the local “Just Married Jacket” .
Amanda, Montreal’s first bride wearing the local “Just Married Jacket” . Courtesy of: Alexandre Couture

Now, the local jacket lives at Dream It Yourself for more sisters to enjoy.

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“It’s already actually half-booked for this wedding season and a couple of dates next year, Tellier explained.

So how does it work?

Brides book their date on the calendar Tellier has set up on her webpage. If the date is available, they get to borrow the jacket from Wednesday to Tuesday in exchange for a bottle of red wine.

The adventure is only beginning: the sisterhood is taking over the world with chapters in New York, Philadelphia and across the pond in England, with more to be announced.

“I don’t know how long it will last, if that jacket can speak, it will have a lot of stories to tell,” bride-to-be Elena Radeva said.

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