You know it’s a Canadian winter when the moose comes to call

Moose shows up at local Albertan’s front door following snowstorm
WATCH ABOVE: Sandra Forbes from Bearspaw, Alta., captured a heartwarming moment between herself and a neighbourly moose.

What do you do when a moose shows up at your front door after a snowstorm?

Complain about the weather, of course.

That’s what photographer Sandra Forbes did over the weekend when a young female moose came knocking at her home in Bearspaw, Alta.

She captured the very “Canadian” moment on video.

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“Is there too much snow this morning for you? Yeah, me too,” she said to the snow-covered moose.

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Forbes said the animal is far from shy, and often comes by to visit with her mother and brother.

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“She often steals the peanuts and seeds out of my bird feeder,” Forbes told The Weather Network.

“She has quickly learned that the seeds are kept in a tub by my kitchen door. A couple of times I have forgotten to close it and she has eaten a lot of peanuts.”