No new anti-pipeline resolutions at federal NDP convention: Duncan

Edmonton-Strathcona MP Linda Duncan.

The federal NDP appears to be softening its stance on pipelines.

Edmonton-Strathcona MP Linda Duncan is Alberta’s only federal NDP representative. She spoke to the Alberta Morning News on Saturday from the party’s national convention in Ottawa.

Duncan said she’s so far seen none of the anti-pipeline rhetoric of previous NDP conventions.

“There were no resolutions that came forward anti-pipeline.” said Duncan. “In the section on environment, all the ones that came forward were very positive. I’m delighted that a bill that I’ve tabled three times — an environmental bill of rights — the right to a clean healthy environment, and the right for the public to participate in decision-making, that was passed resoundingly by the party.”

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The Liberals have announced changes designed to streamline environmental reviews for major energy projects in Canada. They include more public consultation.

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One area in which Duncan said the Liberals haven’t done enough is in supporting communities whose economies are still dependent on fossil fuels. She said the NDP are drafting plans to do just that.

“As the world moves away to other sources of energy [and] greater energy efficiency, we have to make sure that we also think about not only the workers who work in the fossil fuel sector, but also the communities who rely on those industries,” Duncan said.

Duncan added she’s pleased to see that Alberta’s NDP government has already dedicated $40 million to re-training and financial supports for workers.

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