California girl scout sells more than 300 boxes of cookies in front of weed dispensary

Click to play video: 'Girl scout sells more than 300 boxes of cookies in front of weed dispensary after legalization'
Girl scout sells more than 300 boxes of cookies in front of weed dispensary after legalization
VIDEO: Girl scout sells more than 300 boxes of cookies in front of weed dispensary after legalization – Feb 8, 2018

A California girl scout and a local weed dispensary are taking full advantage of the state’s recent legalization of marijuana.

Last week, San Diego marijuana shop Urbn Leaf posted a photo of the girl scout on Instagram, while advertising a strain of weed flavoured with Girl Scout Cookies (GSC).

“Get some Girl Scout Cookies with your GSC today until 4pm! Have a friend that wants to #tagalong? Bring them with – shopping is more fun with friends anyways,” the company wrote.

Speaking with ABC affiliate 10News, the girl’s father (who is unnamed), told the news station his daughter sold more than 300 boxes of cookies in about six hours.

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And although booth sales of Girl Scout Cookies don’t start for another week, some are questioning if this girl and her father, in particular, were violating Girl Scout Cookie sales rules.

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According to Girl Scouts of the USA regulations, reports, scouts can’t sell cookies on private commercial properties or sites used by the public.

But Girl Scouts San Diego told 10News scouts are allowed to sell from wagons (as opposed to booths) as long as they have a parent present.

“So if that’s what they say they were doing … then they were right within the rules,” Alison Bushan of Girl Scouts San Diego told the news station.

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Bushan noted since this scout was using a wagon and was technically off the dispensary’s property, she was following the rules. If there was a booth set up, for example, it could cause a problem.

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“As girl scouts, we assume good intent,” Girl Scouts spokesperson Mary Doyle told Today.

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“Should we learn that a girl is in violation of a cookie program standard or guideline, we almost always discover that the parent was unaware of that rule.”

Social media users react

Social media users, however, thought this girl (or her father’s) idea was genius.

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“I love it. I think it’s great they also followed the rules and that the Girl Scout organization is basically saying that she did nothing wrong. It’s a win-win-win for everyone,” Instagram user justgethigh wrote.

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“Girls scouts are always in front of supermarkets and Walmarts so if she gets in trouble for selling in a commercial area then there are plenty of troupes who deserve the same punishment,” user magicmelanin wrote.

Some, however, questioned the girl’s parents.

“Bad parenting in that they specifically took that child to that dispensary. Do you really think she was just there towing her wagon in an industrial/business park. How naive are you?” user terrylsn wrote.

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In 2014, another girl scout in San Francisco sold 117 boxes of cookies in two hours outside a pot dispensary, the Los Angles Times reports.

“All the money stays in local counsels, and they make all decisions on how the cookie program is run,” Kelly Parisi, chief communications officer from Girl Scouts of the USA said in a statement in 2014. “As always, our primary concern is the safety and well-being of the girls we serve. Volunteers and parents are empowered to relocate their booths if conditions change and the location is no longer suitable.”

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