Natalie Portman ‘SNL’ rap defends ‘Star Wars’ ‘motherf***ing prequels, b****’

WATCH ABOVE: Full new Natalie Portman profanity-filled rap video defending Star Wars prequels.

Twelve years later, Natalie Portman returned to ‘Saturday Night Live’ in another vulgar rap video and this time she defended the ‘Star Wars’ prequels.

While being interviewed by ‘SNL’s’ Beck Bennett, he mistakenly brought up the new Star Wars trilogy.

“Have you seen the new Star Wars movies? They’re really good, they’re much better than –”

“Better than what?” Portman threateningly asked.

Portman, dressed up as her character from Star Wars Queen Padmé Amidala, held ‘SNL’s’ Alex Moffat hostage at gunpoint and demanded he “say something about the motherf***ing prequels, b****!”

The rest of her obscene song contained references to her last rap on ‘SNL’ and being a mother.

“Do you find it difficult juggling kids and a career,” asked Bennett.

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“You can juggle these nuts,” Portman replied.

Watch the full new Natalie Portman profanity-filled rap video above.