Lindsay Buziak mystery: 10 years later, her father still seeks the realtor’s killers

Click to play video 'Police push for answers on 10-year anniversary of realtor’s murder' Police push for answers on 10-year anniversary of realtor’s murder
Jeff Buziak, the father of Saanich realtor Lindsay, speaks about his frustration and grief about this unsolved case on the 10th anniversary of her murder – Feb 1, 2018

There still isn’t a day Jeff Buziak doesn’t think of his daughter Lindsay.

She was murdered 10 years ago, on Feb. 2, 2008.

LISTEN: Jeff Buziak still seeks answers 

“I made a promise to Lindsay when I held her in the morgue that I would not rest until the killers were arrested and exposed in the media. I remain undaunted until that happens,” Buziak said.

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Lindsay, a 24-year-old real estate agent, died in a second-floor bedroom of an empty house in Saanich, B.C.

Lindsay Buziak.
Lindsay Buziak. Courtesy of Buziak family.

Police said she was the victim of multiple stab wounds to her head and chest, and that she had been lured into the home as part of a fabricated meeting with a couple who said they were interested in buying the home.

The investigation is still active, with police working through tips from the public. Saanich police know two people went into the home with Lindsay 10 years ago, but haven’t found what they need to recommend charges or make an arrest.

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“It’s a complex investigation as all homicide investigations often are. Sadly it has been 10 years and certainly we had wished we would have a quicker result for the friends and family of Lindsay Buziak,” said Saanich Police Staff Sgt. Chris Horsley.

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“We are hopeful we will bring those responsible to justice.”

Lindsay’s father Jeff is convinced that Saanich police know who the murderers are. He is once again calling on police to do more.

“This is one of hundreds of unsolved murders in British Columbia,” Buziak said. “It’s time police started solving some of these murders. In my value let’s start with Lindsay.”

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Saanich Police said they do not discuss suspects but have ruled out Lindsay’s boyfriend Jason Zailo.

Zailo discovered Lindsay’s body after he grew concerned that his girlfriend was not answering his text messages. He called 911 and also performed CPR on her.

Click to play video 'Saanich police renew commitment to Lindsay Buziak unsolved murder' Saanich police renew commitment to Lindsay Buziak unsolved murder
Saanich police renew commitment to Lindsay Buziak unsolved murder – Feb 1, 2018

Police are asking anyone who has knowledge of what happened 10 years ago to come forward.

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“It certainly makes it harder when these are pre-planned events and people have conspired before hand to make sure they are not apprehended,” Horsley said.

“We firmly believe there is a reasonable size group that has knowledge. Those are the people we have always sought out and we continue to do so.”

A walk in Lindsay’s memory will happen at the Royal Oak Memorial Park Gate at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, Feb. 2.