How Kingstonians are beating the winter blues

Click to play video: 'How Kingstonians are beating Winter Blues' How Kingstonians are beating Winter Blues
About two to three per cent of the general Canadian population suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder due to the amount of sunlight they are exposed to – Jan 17, 2018

While the white stuff on the ground brightens up the city, it can have a downhill effect on our mood.

About two to three per cent of the Canadian population suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), according to Body and Health Canada. SAD is a form of depression associated with the amount of sunlight that we are exposed to and tends to affect more people during fall and winter months.

Some of the symptoms also include mood swings, sadness, inability to concentrate and lack of energy. So, how can we recover from the winter blues?

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Experts recommend getting active, being out in the sun and engaging with friends and family.

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So we asked Kingstonians if they’ve got the winter blues.

Local resident Omar Khan says, “I guess because the weather is kind of gloomy, you go into work and it’s kind of dark, you come out it’s dark, you don’t see the sunlight much.”

While another resident Petr Tichy says, “I really like this weather.”

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The good news is that daylight hours are now getting longer and spring is only two months away.

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