Crown appeals ruling in Nuttall and Korody Victoria terrorist plot

Crown appeals case of B.C. couple acquitted of planning terror attack
WATCH: The Crown is going ahead with an appeal of the decision to throw out the convictions of a B.C. couple accused of planning a terror attack in Victoria. Tanya Beja reports.

A B.C. couple who had their terrorism convictions thrown out will be under the microscope today.

This week the Crown is appealing a ruling from nearly two years ago, which found that the RCMP influenced John Nuttall and Amanda Korody into planting what they thought were pressure cooker bombs on the lawn of the B.C. Legislature on Canada Day 2013.

B.C. Supreme Court Justice Catherine Bruce determined the couple had neither the capacity nor the sufficient motivation to act alone.

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The Crown feels that Nuttall and Korody were completely responsible for crafting and carrying out the plan.

In documents, the Crown said “Mr. Nuttall and Ms. Korody eagerly conspired to build improvised explosive devices as an act of jihad, to strike terror in the hearts of Canadian infidels. An average person standing in their shoes would never have done so.”

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WATCH: Crown appeals ruling in terrorist plot

Nuttall and Korody case: Crown appeals ruling in terrorist plot
Nuttall and Korody case: Crown appeals ruling in terrorist plot

Meanwhile, lawyers for the couple say in their arguments there is no reason to reverse the stays of proceedings, and that the pair feared for their lives if they didn’t carry out the bomb plot.

A group protested outside the B.C. Court of Appeal this morning, suggesting the Crown targeted Nuttall and Korody because they are Muslim.

Three days have been set aside in the Court of Appeal to hear arguments.

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