90,000 people visit Telus World of Science Pixar exhibit in Edmonton

The Science Behind Pixar exhibit wraps up at the Telus World of Science. Telus World of Science, Credit

The Science Behind Pixar exhibition has come to an end. The Telus World of Science exhibit featured characters from Disney Pixar movies and allowed visitors to experience the art, science, computer technology and math that Pixar uses when making their films.

It provided visitors with a unique look at Pixar with eight distinct sections, including rigging, modeling, surfaces, sets and cameras, animation, lighting, simulation and rendering.

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It proved to be a draw for people of all ages.

“You’ve got the little kids that get to touch Sully, they get to to touch Mike and they love that part of it,” Telus World of Science Communications Vice-President Ursula Phillips said.

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“But there’s been a lot of people who’ve been fascinated and interested in the animation process and the science behind all of that.”

Nearly 90,000 people came out to learn about the magic of animation.

The Telus World of Science is now preparing for its new exhibits, including pop-nology which shows how movies, TV and films have inspired present-day technology.