Changes coming to ICBC in 2018 says Minister David Eby

Click to play video: '‘The cupboard is bare’: B.C. attorney general announces ICBC rate hike'
‘The cupboard is bare’: B.C. attorney general announces ICBC rate hike
WATCH: 'The cupboard is bare': B.C. attorney general announces ICBC rate hike – Sep 5, 2017

As the BC government works to bring ICBC back into the black, the minister responsible is laying out what major changes you should expect to see in 2018.

Attorney General David Eby said three main areas will be affected.

First, there will be significant changes with driver discounts, he said.

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“We think good drivers should have greater discounts if you’ve had 15 years of accident-free, ticket-free driving that should be reflected in your insurance rates,” he said.

“If you’re a bad driver if you’re having collisions if you are speeding and driving recklessly you should be paying significantly more because you are driving up the costs for everyone else.”

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Eby said the province is also looking at changes to the way it handles automotive repairs, amid costs that have climbed as much as 30 per cent in recent years.

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And he said the province wants to find a way to keep fewer insurance cases of going to full trial, and to revamp the litigation process to try and cut costs.

“Having six experts on each side, each of whom is charging $7,000 for an expert just to get a decision about how injured somebody is makes absolutely no sense,” Eby said.

A review looking for other opportunities to save money at ICBC is slated for completion in the new year.

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