Calgary man sees Nativity scene inside his Kielbasa Wellington

Is there a Nativity scene hidden in this dish?. Paul Ritchie

Paul Ritchie said he was surprised at what he discovered when he cut into his supper the other night.

Ritchie told Global News he had the kitchen to himself last Thursday and decided to make a Kielbasa Wellington, which is a dish featuring kielbasa sausage traditionally from Ukraine or Poland.

After he was done, he took a photo and sent it to a friend, and it wasn’t until later that he made the correlation.

“I was walking my dog, Chester, a couple hours later and I said ‘Chester!! I know what that was!’”

Ritchie told Global News in an email Wednesday he made the dish out of fresh local ingredients, and believes the peppers, sausage and olives might just line up to create an image of a Nativity scene inside.

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“Can’t be sure, but baby Jesus may be tucked in cosy between the peppers and olives.” Ritchie wrote.

Is there a Nativity scene hidden in this dish?. Paul Ritchie

In his email Ritchie joked he has heard of people seeing Jesus in their toast before or maybe an ice cube, “thought you and your viewers may wonder…do you see what I see?”

On the phone Thursday, Ritchie admitted he loves to cook and experimenting with recipes. When asked how he came up with the Kielbasa Wellington idea he laughed:  “Anything wrapped up in dough is good!”


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