Year in review: Lifestyle decisions that ended unfortunately in 2017

WATCH: Catt Gallinger said she was convinced into getting a sclera tattoo (an eyeball tattoo) but is now regretting not doing her due diligence.

We’ve all made mistakes we wish we could take back: maybe it was a haircut or a fashion style choice that we can look back at now and laugh.

But for some people in 2017, the choices they made were both questionable and unfortunate and left them with consequences that will stick around longer than they expected.

Ottawa woman gets a botched eyeball tattoo

Catt Gallinger, a 24-year-old woman from Ottawa, is recovering after getting her eyeball tattooed in September.

The person who tattooed Gallinger’s eye was a tattoo artist, however, the procedure didn’t go well, including her eye becoming swollen shut.

She then posted about the incident to her Facebook account to spread awareness about sclera tattoos.

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Since then, Gallinger has undergone a number of treatments to try and correct her blurry vision and reduce the swelling.

It was also reported that the Eye Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (EPSO) are petitioning the provincial government to make it illegal to tattoo eyeballs.

Man goes blind after wearing coloured contact

Twenty-five-year-old Julian Hamlin of South Carolina is now legally blind in his left eye after wearing coloured contacts.

Hamlin told Global News that he regularly wore coloured contacts to “enhance” his look for Halloween.

He went on to say he’s had to have 16 different surgeries, including multiple cornea transplants.

Mom warns other not to put their foot on the dashboard of a car after accident

On Aug. 2, 2015, Audra Tatum of Walker County, Ga., was in a car accident. Tatum had her legs up on the dashboard of the vehicle, something her husband had repeatedly warned her about.

Two years later, Tatum is still recovering after breaking her ankle, femur, arm and nose.

Tatum is warning others not to make the same mistake because she thought she would have time to react and bring her feet down.

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WATCH: Mom uses her story to warn others to never put their feet on the dashboard

Mom uses her story to warn others to never put their feet on the dashboard
Mom uses her story to warn others to never put their feet on the dashboard

Eyebrows trends

Squiggle, wavy-type eyebrows seemed to take over social media in 2017, namely Instagram, where users displayed their creations.

Chinese blogger poisoned after eating ‘aloe vera’

A 26-year-old Chinese blogger was poisoned after eating what she thought was aloe vera during a live stream. In fact, what she was biting into was a leaf from the agave Americana plant, which is poisonous.

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Eating raw aloe vera became a popular wellness trend in China, due to the plant’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

The Chinese blogger was last reported to be in stable condition.

A warning about cleaning your makeup brushes

A woman took to social media to warn others about cleaning their makeup brushes after she contracted a staph infection, which could have caused her to go blind and develop a serious brain infection.

Katie Wright wrote that she believed she got the infection from a dirty eyebrow pencil.

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Slime leaves girl with third-degree burns

An 11-year-old girl from Rockland, Mass., decided to create a homemade slime she had seen in an online video.

However, the girl was unaware that the slime contained an ingredient called borax, which caused her to suffer second- and third-degree burns.

WATCH: Experts warning families to be careful about homemade slime after girl says the ingredients burned hands

Viral homemade slime recipe gives 11-year-old girl 3rd-degree burns
Viral homemade slime recipe gives 11-year-old girl 3rd-degree burns

Second-degree burns from a lack of sunscreen

A 20-year-old man from Scotland suffered second-degree burns after working in the sun without any sunscreen.

Greg Binnie posted an image of his blistering skin to social media to warn others about the dangers of being out in the sun without any protection.

— With files from Marilisa Racco and Dani-Elle Dubé

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