‘It’s inflated’: Calgary mother upset with Fingerlings’ price gouging online

Click to play video: 'Fingerlings toy craze hits Calgary, leading to price gouging online' Fingerlings toy craze hits Calgary, leading to price gouging online
WATCH: The latest toy craze this Christmas season has arrived in Calgary. The Fingerlings toys react to touch and speech and is completely sold out. As Christa Dao explains, the sell-out has led to price gouging online – Nov 30, 2017

The latest Christmas toy craze has arrived in Calgary and some parents say the demand for Fingerlings is leading to online price gouging.

The toys are plastic, puppet-type toys shaped like monkeys that wrap around your fingers and respond to touch and speech.

Calgary mother Ally Downing has been searching store shelves to fulfill her child’s wish list but has come up empty when it comes to Fingerlings.

“I went to three stores and I can’t find them anywhere… there’s nothing on the shelves,” she said.

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The toys sell for about $20 in stores but the high demand and lack of supply has led to some price gouging online.

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On Amazon and Kijiji, resellers are offering them for at least $40, with some prices in the $60 to $80 range.

Posts in various Calgary Facebook “Buy and Sell” groups were also letting them go for about double the retail price.

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Katrina Harding-Saddleback has also been searching for Fingerlings both online and in stores for the past three weeks. The toys were a must-have on her child’s wish list to Santa.

By a stroke of luck, her husband managed to find three of the toys at a Toys R Us. Harding-Saddleback said two were gifts for her children and one was to be donated.

She said she’s surprised people are taking advantage of an unfortunate situation.

”They’re [the prices] inflated,” Harding-Saddleback said. “It makes me angry. These are toys for children’s enjoyment. Not toys to resell, to profit off of.”
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With so many customers trying to purchase the toys, some stores have been trying to stock them to no avail.

Castle Toys in Calgary requested a shipment from the manufacturer last month but was told they were “sold out” of the Fingerlings.

“The [toy manufacturer] had said they are not going to be shipping them until January,” owner Nicholas Mason said.

However, staff at a Calgary Toys R Us said a new shipment of Fingerlings had arrived Thursday morning but they were scooped up as soon as they came in.

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