Peterborough main library re-opening delayed until early 2018

CHEX TV/Peterborough

The re-opening of Peterborough’s main library at Aylmer and Simcoe streets has been delayed due to construction delays.

The building has been under construction for about 18 months, in what’s become a major $12-million renovation to the building. Officials hoped to have the building open by the end of the fall.

“The reality is, it just takes time,” said library CEO Jen Jones.

“So we’re almost there. Construction will be substantially complete within the next couple of weeks.”

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When that’s done, staff will be tasked with moving the library from its temporary location in Peterborough Square. Jones estimates that will take about three weeks.

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Library user Mark Pandza said the current downtown mall location has been a good alternative.

“But I can’t wait for the new one to open, to check it out,” he said. “But for now this has been very good, it’s served my needs.”

Christopher Robson said he prefers the temporary location to the main building and wants to see the library stay where it is.

“This is a great spot, it has access to parking, it’s good for seniors, it gets you out of the elements when it’s cold,” he said.

But Jones said it’s not an option.

The library has to pay rent at the mall, she said, and loses money by not being able to rent out space.

“It’s been a great space, I can’t say anything bad about that,” Jones said, referring to the Peterborough Square location. “But this is home, and I can’t wait to get home.”

The move back to the renovated building will likely take place in early January.

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