Saskatchewan creates new provincial park in Porcupine Hills area

The province is announcing the creation of a new provincial park in the Porcupine Hills area. File / Global News

The province is announcing the creation of a new provincial park in the Porcupine Hills area.

The Porcupine Hills area, located southeast of Hudson Bay, has camping and fishing. In the wintertime, snowmobiling is a popular winter activity.

“Designating this new provincial park is an exciting opportunity for our province,” Parks, Culture and Sport Minister Gene Makowsky said.

“As an area known for its natural beauty, this new provincial park will ensure it remains available for camping, fishing, hunting and many more of Saskatchewan’s best-known outdoor activities for generations to come.”

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The province start consultations with local First Nations, Metis people and local stakeholders in the area to identify concerns. This park will focus on protecting the region’s natural beauty and ensuring the landscape and cultural value of the land is preserved.

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The new park will also respect treaty and traditional uses, protect natural and cultural resources and provide year-round recreational opportunities.

Hunting and fishing will continue to be managed, campgrounds will stay small, and First Nations and Metis people will continue to celebrate their cultures and carry out traditional uses.

A total of 29,980 hectares (73,637 acres) will be protected as park land, contributing to Canadas Target 1 to conserve at least 17 per cent of the nation’s terrestrial areas and inland water bodies by 2020.

The new park will incorporate five already existing recreation sites including McBride Lake, Saginas Lake, Pepaw Lake and Woody River.

This is the second provincial park the province has created in the last five years.

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