BLOG: How often do you change your underwear?

Global's Knickers and Kickers campaign collects thousands of socks and underwear for Siloam Mission. Global News / File

The most common answer given to that question according to a survey earlier this year in Britain? Two days. Men were far more likely to wear their underwear for two days opposed to women who wore their undies for two days but not as often as men.

Dr Lisa Ackerley, professor of environmental health at the University of Salford in England says underwear should be changed every day without exception – and replaced every year. Not washing your briefs often enough can cause health problems including urinary tract infections and thrush.

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Thrush?!? Ok, I just looked it up. Ugh.

What about socks?

Same thing. Every single day. Experts suggest wearing socks for days in a row can result in developing athlete’s foot which can spread to other parts of the body which can cause, well let’s just call them other difficulties.

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Imagine now you have only one pair of socks and one set of underwear. Imagine you don’t have regular access to medical treatment. You have no money, you have no home and perhaps no access to regular shower facilities.

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Two years ago Corus Winnipeg along with Siloam Mission started a campaign called Knickers and Kickers and you guessed it, the goal is to collect new socks and underwear for people experiencing homelessness. Siloam says they get a large number of clothing donations in the winter, but because undergarments have to be new, they are often in short supply.

I recall speaking with somebody last year who tried to donate used underwear to the campaign. I politely suggested that donations need to be new, preferably still in the package. She took a second and then realized, “Oooooooh my goodness.” She said, “I’d hate to have to wear somebody else’s used underwear. I’m so embarrassed. I’m so sorry.”

She came back a half an hour later with what looked to be around a hundred bucks worth of new underwear and then another half hour later with some brand new socks.

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Thanks for that Joanne.

Siloam Mission does a great many things for underprivileged and homeless people but foremost on the list is providing them with a sense of dignity. After all it’s one thing to be provided with food, shelter and clothing, but it’s another to be able to stand with a sense of pride and self worth. Judy Richichi with Siloam has told me many times dignity is one of the biggest attributes the homeless need to get back on their feet again.

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That makes perfect sense to me.

Corus Winnipeg will be at two locations tomorrow collecting donations for the 3rd Annual Knickers and Kickers campaign from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. Personalities from 680 CJOB and Global Winnipeg will be at Kildonan Place and personalities from Power 97 and Peggy 99.1 will be set up in our parking lot on Jack Blick avenue next to Polo Park.

We hope to see you there, and thanks in advance!

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