Knickers and Kickers: Underwear and socks in demand at Siloam Mission

Click to play video: 'Better Winnipeg: Underwear donations in demand at Siloam Mission' Better Winnipeg: Underwear donations in demand at Siloam Mission
WATCH: It's an item of clothing most people take for granted. After all, it's rarely ever seen. But for those experiencing homelessness, underwear is the toughest thing to come by. Unlike shirts, pants or jackets, underwear must be new when it's donated. Supply is extremely limited. – Nov 9, 2016

WINNIPEG — At Siloam Mission, the clothing room is full of jackets, jeans and shirts, but the underwear and sock bins remain nearly empty.

Hundreds of people in Winnipeg can’t afford clean socks and underwear every day.

That’s why Global News, 680 CJOB and Chudds Powersports are teaming up with Siloam Mission to kick off the second annual Knickers and Kickers campaign Tuesday.

The goal is to collect new socks and underwear for people experiencing homelessness. The mission says they get a large number of clothing donations in the winter, but because undergarments have to be new, they are often short.

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You can drop off your donations outside Polo Park between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. and visit with some of our Global News and 680 CJOB on air personalities.

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Last year, 3,200 pairs of underwear and socks and more than $1,000 were donated to the Knickers and Kickers campaign.

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