BC NDP’s ‘comprehensive’ housing strategy not coming until February

Minister Selina Robinson joins Jon McComb to discuss the NDP's housing plan.

It’s been three months since the BC NDP formed government and we’re still hearing little to no detail about the government’s housing plan.

The NDP ran on some big campaign promises to curb the region’s housing crisis, including putting an end to controversial loopholes that affect renters as well as ending the ‘vacate clause,’ which requires a tenant to move or sign a new lease at the end of the term.

Back in July, Selina Robinson told Jon McComb the government is looking at ‘all housing initiatives,’ but now three months later, Robinson offered no specifics.

When asked if the government could offer any details Robinson said she did, but thought it was really important to have the opportunity to debate it in the legislature first. She said would go over the details once the NDP brought legislation in.

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Robinson was also asked about other NDP campaign promises including a two per cent speculation levy and expanding the foreign buyer’s tax province-wide, but no specific timeline was provided.

“We’re looking at all those pieces and putting it together in a comprehensive housing strategy,” she said.

Robinson added the government will probably not implement housing initiatives until February next year – seven months after the NDP took power.

Although Robinson was light in detail speaking to McComb, the NDP government has announced funding towards the residential tenancy branch and two thousand units in the form of modular homes across the province over the next two years.


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