New overpasses at Warman and Martensville 40% done

Construction of the Martensville and Warman overpasses is now 40 per cent complete. Dayne Winter / Global News

New overpasses designed to help people in Warman and Martensville, Sask., are now 40 per cent complete.

Once construction at Highway 11 and 305 is finished, the overpass at Warman is expected to see more than 18,000 vehicles per day.

The new interchange at Martensville on Highway 12 will carry roughly 14,000 drivers every day.

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The $60.6 million work is meant to improve safety for both communities.

“For the Warman people, coming back is their main improvement. So they’ll be able to take the loop ramp over the bridge and into town and not have to make the crossing at these at-grade intersections anymore,” construction manager Mike Dietrich said on Tuesday.

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“For Martensville, the improvement is for people going in the morning. They will be able to come out Main Street over the bridge, take the loop ramp, and then head south into Saskatoon.”

The projects are scheduled for completion in fall 2019.

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