Saskatoon students crunch for World Food Day

The ninth annual Big Crunch raises awareness for food security around the world. Adam MacVicar / Global News

Saskatoon students were crazy for carrots Monday morning as they raised awareness on World Food Day by simultaneously biting into the locally-grown produce.

“We have to raise awareness about how people don’t have the same things that we have,” Maria, a student at École Victoria School, said.

“They don’t have the same food, they might not even have the same homes or healthcare we have.”

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The Big Crunch is hosted by CHEP Good Food and is aimed at getting kids excited about eating healthy and outlines where their food comes from with quizzes and presentations.

“We want to draw attention to the fact that people in our community are still food insecure, and yet raise awareness of that issue in light of what’s happening globally,” CHEP executive director Yvonne Hanson said.

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“But also raise awareness of the fact that everyone has the basic human right to nutritious, healthy, safe food.”

The event is celebrated annually by more than 6,000 students at 21 schools across Saskatoon.

Even Mayor Charlie Clark joined Captain Carrot, CHEP’s Big Crunch mascot, to help celebrate the ninth annual crunch.

“It was so exciting,” Amalia, a student at Ecole Victoria School said. “I like carrot superheroes,” she laughed.

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Clark helped count down the crunch, which the students said was the best they’ve experienced yet.

“When I heard it, I was like ‘oh my gosh, that’s such an amazing crunch,'” Amalia said.

Consistency was key in this year’s crunch, according to Maria.

“Before this year, it was (uneven), but today it was all together and it was so satisfying.”

CHEP works with families, schools and communities to help provide food security to Saskatoon children and youth.

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