Melania Trump’s inauguration outfit is now a ‘sexy’ Halloween costume

The first lady's inauguration outfit has been reinterpreted in a considerably sexier fashion. .
The first lady's inauguration outfit has been reinterpreted in a considerably sexier fashion. . Kevin Dietsch - Pool/Getty Images

Last January, the style world waited with bated breath to see what Melania Trump, a fashion aficionado known for a penchant for couture, would wear on inauguration day. And while her retro-inspired outfit drew inevitable comparisons to Jacqueline Kennedy, Trump’s powder blue Ralph Lauren cashmere suit was largely declared classy and appropriate. Until now.

Arizona-based specialty apparel company has reinterpreted the classic blue two-piece as a “sexy” Halloween option for patriotic celebrants. The festive version of the suit comprises a tight-fitting mini skirt and a cropped jacket that exposes a large swathe of the wearer’s midriff. The company has dubbed it the “Model Wife” costume.

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“Stand by your hubby in this exclusive Model Wife costume,” the website description reads, avoiding any mention of the first lady, while alluding to her past as a fashion model.

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A press release from the company was considerably less evasive.

“Inspired by a certain someone’s inaugural ensemble by a Polo-playing design legend, this blue (Tiffany anyone?) sexy take would make you welcome at any house regardless of the colour from Milan to Washington,” it stated.

Yandy is certainly not shy about mining the political landscape for inspirational costumes. The company also sells a Hillary Clinton-inspired getup (called “Capitol Hill Costume”) which is advertised with the “Female Candidate Wig.” There’s also a “Donna T. Rumpshaker” costume consisting of short-shorts, a blazer and a red tie — the “Making America Great” hat and “Comb Over Politician Wig” aren’t included, although they leave little question as to who the costume is meant to mock.

“A man is nothing without a strong woman beside him,” Pilar Quintana-Williams, Yandy’s vice-president of merchandising, wrote in an email to Mic. “We couldn’t leave our Donna T. Rumpshaker hanging, so we created its counterpart this year and did so with an iconic style in mind.”

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Rounding out the company’s questionable Halloween choices are a “Reality Star in the Making” costume — a thinly veiled nod at the Kylie Jenner pregnancy rumours — and a “Sexy Poop Emoji” costume.

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