‘We’re doing a movie’ actor yells at police after being shot at

WATCH: Bodycam video shows U.S. police officer shooting at actor dressed as a robber.

Bodycam video released by Crawfordsville, Ind. police shows an officer shooting at an actor holding a prop gun after leaving a bar with a ski mask last week.

“Drop the gun,” police officers yell at the actor, Jim Duff, as they point their guns at him.

As Duff starts to take off his ski mask, police fire a single shot at him.

“We’re doing a movie,” Duff said with perfect comical timing, to which one of the officers responds: “Excuse me?”

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Police received a 911 call about a man entering a local bar wearing a ski mask and holding a gun, according to CBS News.

When police arrived at the scene there were no signs that a film was being shot as all of the equipment, cast and crew were inside the bar.

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Montgomery County Movies, the company producing the film, didn’t inform Crawfordsville Police Department that they would be filming a robbery scene.

Luckily for Duff, the officer’s shot missed but he was detained by police until they verified that he was part of the film production.

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