Enforcement begins Sunday as residential ParkPlus system rolls out across Calgary

Click to play video: 'ParkPlus enforcement begins in Calgary communities Sunday' ParkPlus enforcement begins in Calgary communities Sunday
WATCH: The ParkPlus system is rolling out in many Calgary residential zones this Sunday. As Bindu Suri reports, some residents feel their concerns over the system are being ignored – Sep 29, 2017

ParkPlus is rolling out in many Calgary communities over the next 12 months. Enforcement begins Sunday, Oct. 1 for the five zones that have already gone digital.

Kensington permit-holder Lee Tasker took a stance against the idea months ago.

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Under the new program, residential permit holders will have to register the licence plates of their visitors via phone or online.

That’s not sitting well with Tasker, who requires caregivers at her home for her son and elderly father.

“For me as a resident, to have to call in two or three times a day, when one service worker comes and another leaves… I could be doing this as a full-time job,” she said.

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She points to a survey conducted by the Calgary Parking Authority of nearly 5,000 permit holders.

Fifty-nine per cent said ParkPlus would be “somewhat or much worse” than the current system specifically for visitor permits.

“The only recourse we have is to not elect the officials in power, we don’t believe this process was democratic,” Tasker said.

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The Calgary Parking Authority disagrees, pointing out the same survey reveals 84 per cent of respondents said that if they had the ability to submit an online application for a residential parking permit, they would use it.

Overall, 65 per cent of respondents said the proposed residential parking permit system would be “somewhat better or much better” than the current system.

Councillor for Ward 12, Shane Keating, said the digital ParkPlus system which uses camera cars to patrol streets is more efficient.

“This speeds up the whole process, we’re saving money by doing it,” Keating said.

The results of the survey were provided to city council before the residential ParkPlus system was approved.


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