Alberta election 2017: Fort Saskatchewan results

Gale Katchur has held on to her seat as mayor in Fort Saskatchewan.

Katchur took home about 54 per cent of the vote, according to preliminary results released by the municipality. Her closest opponent, Arjun Randhawa, won roughly 43 per cent. The third mayoral candidate, Judy Sellin, only won just over two per cent of the vote.

Brian D. Kelly, Ed Sperling, Jibs Abitoye, Deanna Lennox, Lisa Makin and Gordon Harris were elected to council.

Below is the full list of mayoral and councillor candidates in Fort Saskatchewan.

Mayoral candidates

Gale Katchur (Incumbent)
Arjun Randhawa
Judy Sellin

Councillor candidates (6 spots)

Jibs Abitoye
Birgit Blizzard (Incumbent)
John W. Bouwman
Curtis Dominique
Mike Ferris
Frank Garritsen (Incumbent)
Gordon Harris
Brian D. Kelly
Don Lehman
Deanna Lennox
Lisa Makin
John Mather
Stuart L. McGowan
Charlie Simpson
Ed Sperling (Incumbent)

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To read more, visit the Fort Saskatchewan website here