Alberta election 2017: Beaumont results

John Stewart has been declared the unofficial winner of the mayoral race in Beaumont.

Unofficial results show Sam Munckhof-Swain, Perry Hendriks, Kathy Barnhart, Sabrina Powers, Martin Stout and Bill Daneluik were also elected to council.

Below is the full list of mayoral and councillor candidates in Beaumont.

Mayoral candidates

Kerri Bauer
Patrick John Kobly
Bruce Lecren
Gil Poitras
K.C. Sommers
John Stewart

Councillor candidates

Murray Baldwin
Kathy Barnhart (Incumbent)
Jacqueline Biollo
Marg Bouchard
Sean Brown
Bill Daneluik
Paul Dzik
Adrienne Floyd
Perry Hendriks (Incumbent)
Jeremy Kornel
Christine McCarville
Jason McNabb
Sam Munckhof-Swain
Sabrina Powers
Scott Reddick
Krista Elaine Regier
Gary Sran
Martin Stout
Steven Vannieuwkerk
Brandy Wachter

To read more, visit the Town of Beaumont website here


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