Vancouver paramedic in Mexico says more help is needed to find survivors

A Vancouver paramedic is asking for your donations to help with rescue efforts after the 7.1-magnitude earthquake shook Mexico.

David Cavazos grew up in Mexico City, and he has been working in Vancouver with the BC Ambulance Service for several years.

His attachment to the city is just one reason why he’s trying to help.

“I was born and raised in Mexico City. My family is here. Most of my friends are here. So yes, that played a role, but I’m always looking for opportunities to go and offer my services to wherever it’s needed,” he said.

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Cavazos said search and rescue teams are needed on the ground as soon as possible.

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“I think the efforts are going, to be honest with you and to be realistic, they are going to try to find as many survivors because they are buried under collapsed buildings,” he said.

“Also we have to think that they are also going to be recovering a lot of bodies from people who have died.”

Mexican authorities have raised the death toll to nearly 300 since Tuesday’s earthquake. More than half of those who died were in Mexico City.

Cavazos’ family has set up a GoFundMe campaign to help buy supplies for people affected by the earthquake.

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