Saskatoon police use Tasers 11 times during 2016

Saskatchewan Police Commission report finds Saskatoon police used Tasers more than any other force in the province in 2016. File / Global News

The Saskatoon Police Service used Tasers more than any other force in the province during 2016.

The Saskatchewan Police Commission said officers in the city used Tasers 11 times during the year.

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That compares to eight times in Regina, three in Moose Jaw and two in Prince Albert.

Mark Chatterbok, the acting chief of Saskatoon Police Service, said Tasers are used by officers as a last resort.

“The majority of the cases are when we have a subject that is armed with a weapon, they’re confrontational, they could be assaultive toward members of the public or our officers, and they’re not following the commands of the police,” Chatterbok said.

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“The CEW’s are used as a last resort.”

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No serious injuries were reported in Saskatoon from the use of Tasers.

The report was supposed to be discussed by Saskatoon’s police commission, but that has been pushed back until a new police chief is hired.

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