‘Stranger Things’ bar closing after Netflix sends best cease-and-desist letter ever

The Upside Down
A look inside The Upside Down pop-up bar in Chicago. Emporium Popups Chicago

For anyone with legal issues involving copyright and intellectual property, bend a knee and learn from Netflix.

A few months ago, a Stranger Things pop-up bar named The Upside Down opened in Chicago, and it had all the trimmings: Winona Ryder’s Christmas lights lining the walls, Eggo waffle-inspired cocktails, a few Hawkins Middle School and Mirkwood Forest accents, and more references to the Netflix show.

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Created without the streaming service’s permission, Netflix was none-too-pleased.

The company sent The Upside Down a cease-and-desist letter, dated Aug. 23, requesting that the space be closed after its six-week run. Rather than a stale, intimidating form letter, Netflix had a little fun with it.

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The Upside Down is slated to be closed by Oct. 1.

In the last paragraph of the letter, it appears Netflix is warning against a repeat attempt, albeit using colourful, friendly language. With Season 2 of Stranger Things set to premiere on Oct. 27, manager Jared Saul of The Upside Down had originally intended to keep it running until then.

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“If Netflix were OK with us running The Upside Down project through the season two premiere & the Halloween weekend we would most definitely have continued this incredible party a little bit longer!” said Saul in an email. “It’s been so much fun for us & for fans of Stranger Things & has even introduced the show to new fans here in Chicago who weren’t aware of the show before visiting the pop-up!”

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