‘I want help please’ Syrian refugee family scared after racist graffiti and threats

Racist graffiti was found on a Winnipeg fence outside of a Syrian refugee family's home. Jordan Pearn / Global News

A family of Syrian refugees said they don’t feel safe in their Winnipeg community after they woke up to a series of racist graffiti on their fence.

“Go back to your country, leave Canada,” was one of the phrases written in red ink at some point overnight Monday.

Ibrahim Alismail told Global News he saw a group of teenagers write the graffiti on his fence and this is just the latest incident. His family is afraid.

“Every day stones (are) thrown at my home,and eggs,” he said he has been verbally threatened as well. “(They said) where you sleep I put fire in your home.”

He said his six children are afraid to sleep near the windows in their rooms.

“They say dad, we’re scared,” Alismail said.”I want help please.”

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His neighbours have started sleeping in the living room, away from windows.

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The family recently moved into a building near Dufferin Avenue and McGregor Street. Five other refugee families live in the complex.

“When I sleep my neighbour looks outside and when he sleeps I look outside,” said Alismail.

He, along with a few other people who live in the building, filed a police report on the threats.

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