Controversial banner near Queen’s campus strikes concern in the Kingston community

Classes have only just begun for many Queen’s University students but controversy is already stirring near campus.

A bed sheet that had “Daughter Drop Off” painted on it was hung out front of a house over the long weekend. It was spotted in the university district, near Brock Street and Division Street in Kingston.

“Disrespectful to women. I don’t think it’s right. I think people need to think before they act,” said Micsko McGregor, a Queen’s student.

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A picture of the offensive message quickly circulated on social media at the same time as thousands of Queen’s students moved into the university district.

Many expressed outrage, saying the message promotes ‘rape culture.’

A crowd also gathered in front of the house on Labour Day to protest the sign that has since been removed from the property.

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On the contrary, some believe people are being too sensitive and it was just meant as a joke.

“I know it’s a joke. You’re not actually going to go drop your daughter off there. I don’t have a problem with it,” said Emily Arkell, a Queen’s student.

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“I think it’s a joke. A dumb joke. I understand people’s different opinions but it’s probably just stupid boys,” laughed Lauren Harrison, a Queen’s student.The Principal of Queen’s says there’s nothing funny about it. In a social media

Daniel Woolf, the Principal and Vice-CHancellor of Queen’s University says there’s nothing funny about it. In a social media post, he called the near campus behaviour “unsafe” and “disrespectful.”

He said security has visited the property and is filing a complaint with the non-academic misconduct office.

Whether or not it will turn into a more formal investigation isn’t known.

“If you’re thinking about doing something that you wouldn’t want your name associated with on social media, then don’t do it,” said Woolf.

Councillor Jim Neill released a statement saying “it’s a shame that a few juvenile and rude actions tarnish the reputations of so many.”

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