Fire ban issued in RM of North Battleford

A fire ban has been issued in the RM of North Battleford until further notice due to the dry conditions. File / Global News

The RM of North Battleford has issued a fire ban due to the dry conditions.

Controlled burning and any kind of burning outside of an approved fire pit is prohibited until further notice.

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Trevor Brice, the acting chief of the North Battleford Fire Department, is also encouraging homeowners to take precautions to keep their properties as fire safe as possible.

“Keep dry vegetation and combustibles away from buildings, be cautious with discarding smoking material, and please report any suspicious activity to the RCMP or municipal enforcement,” Brice said in a release.

He added that people using legal fire pits maintain close supervision of the fire, have water available to put out or control the fire, make sure the fire is out after using the fire pit and pay close attention to wind conditions and potential spark hazards.

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On Thursday, Prince Albert issued a fire ban for all property north of the river and for Little Red River Park due to the dry conditions and extreme wildfire hazard.

A fire ban was issued earlier in the week for the RMs of Vanscoy and Montrose.

There is also a fire ban for all Crown lands, provincial parks and recreation sites in south of the Churchill River..

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