Quebec floods: Victims, Martin Coiteux discuss compensation process

WATCH: Residents in Pierrefonds-Roxboro say they’re cautiously optimistic after having a one-on-one meeting with Quebec Public Security Minister Martin Coiteux. As Global's Felicia Parrillo reports, they’ve been waiting months for the government to provide them with compensation after the spring floods.

After months of speaking out against what they call a slow and confusing process, Pierrefonds residents Itsik Romano and René Leblanc are finally getting some attention.

Quebec Public Security Minister Martin Coiteux asked them to come by his West Island office for a one-on-one meeting Monday.

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“Overall, I’m pleased with what we did and with what we saw this morning,” Leblanc told Global News.

“Yes, I give it a positive note, but I’ll give it a much more positive note if we see all of these words translated into action.”

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Leblanc and Romano were among a dozen families forced out of their homes on des Maçons Street in Pierrefonds after the intense floods raged through Quebec.

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Though residents have received some money from the government, they say it’s nothing close to what they need to get their lives back on track.

WATCH: Global News Montreal Senior Anchor Jamie Orchard speaks to Quebec Public Security Minister Martin Coiteux about improving the process for getting compensation after the intense spring floods.

Quebec floods: Martin Coiteux addresses compensation issues
Quebec floods: Martin Coiteux addresses compensation issues

They’ve been advocating for victims across the province to speed up the compensation process.

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Both Romano and Leblanc say their one-hour long meeting with the minister was informative and productive.

“Right now, we got the information that if we provide them with a permit to build, we will be able to receive the money faster,” said Romano.

“We did not know about that.”

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Coiteux explained, as their local MNA, he felt the responsibility of organizing a meeting after receiving several calls.

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“They had a number of recommendations and suggestions,” he said.

“I think the meeting was very constructive. Now, in terms of immediate help, we identified a few problems that we will address together.”

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Though the residents said their meeting with Coiteux went well, they insist other members of the community are still struggling.

They plan to go ahead with a rally scheduled for September.