The Canadian Taxpayers Federation says TransLink is paying its executives too much

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation says TransLink needs to rein in how much it's paying its executives. Janet Brown/CKNW

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is calling on TransLink to rein in what the top brass take home.

The corporation has released its executive compensation for 2016.

  • CFO Cathy McLay is the top earner, with total remuneration last year of $375,103.
  • CEO Kevin Desmond makes $317,600.
  • President of Coast Mountain Bus company Haydn Acheson’s total package weighs in at $288,877.
  • President of BC Rapid Transit Company Vivienne King is listed at $286,278.
  • Transit Police Chief Doug LePard’s total remuneration is $157,065.

The compensation is drawing criticism from the Taxpayers Federation’s B.C. Director Kris Sims.

“The CFO makes $30,000 more than Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.”

“These are surgeon-level salaries for operating a transit system for one area of B.C.,” She says.

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“It’s too much money, especially when you remember it’s all our money. It’s rate payer and taxpayer money. This isn’t a private bank. ”

TransLink’s CEO salary is actually lower than a few years ago, after the Mayors’ Council approved a new compensation plan.

It should be noted, Desmond, LePard and King were hired in March of last year, and didn’t make their full yearly salary.

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