Naked migrant worker attack may have been fueled by drugs

Her name is Naiara Defelippe and her family says they’re sorry.

They’re sorry the 24 year-old migrant worker from Brazil, with no clothing, attacked a West Kelowna woman in her home more than a week ago in a fit of unprovoked rage.

Defelippe’s uncle contacted Global News. He said the attack was completely out of character for his niece and suspects drugs played a role.

Brante Farrell runs the farm where Defelippe was staying on the day of the attack. He’s learned from her doctor that it’s highly probable that drugs that were fuelling her behaviour — possibly magic mushrooms.

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“Some type of bad drug mix — either slipped into her food or drug or something she took herself which caused a complete break,” he said.

Collin Crabbe is Daniell Ball’s husband — the woman who was attacked. He too has heard about the mushroom story. He believes the problem is deeper than a bad batch of street drugs.

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“Crime stemming from migrant workers in the area isn’t an isolated incident. How are going to improve the resources and support for these workers to make sure they’re not left in these isolated situations that cause and breed crime?,” Crabbe said.

Ball said that after dragging its feet, the City of West Kelowna is finally beginning to take action to address their concerns about neighbourhood safety and living conditions for the migrant workers.

Meantime, it appears Defelippe is slowly making a recovery.

“As far as I know she’s going to fully recover. I was told that she’s coherent and making calls to family and friends,” Brante Farell said.

But before she returns home to Brazil, Defelippe will have to face the music in Canada where she’s facing several charges including assault.

She was released from custody Monday.

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