Photo exhibit at Guy Favreau Complex showcases U.S. and Canada’s storied relationship

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt during the first official U.S. presidential visit to Canada at the Citadel of Quebec in 1936. Library of Congress

Canada and the United States of America are celebrating their relationship on Canada’s 150th birthday.

The American Consulate in Montreal is commemorating the storied friendship through a free photo exhibit at the Guy Favreau Complex.

The exhibit features about 40 pictures dating as far back as the mid 1800’s.

Each photo depicts an important moment in our common history with an explanation attached.

Canadian Soldiers being trained as parachute troopers wait their turn to jump. Circa 1942-1945. National Archives and Record Administration
U.S. Army ski troops practice kick turns in Newfoundland. 1942-1945. National Archives and Records Administration
Marc Garneau and American astronaut David Leestma run tests during Shuttle Mission 41-G, 1984. National Aeronautics and Space Administration

IN PICTURES: A taste of the exhibit at Guy Favreau Complex

Images include one of the American contribution to the first edition of one of Canada’s literary treasures, Anne of Green Gables.

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Turns out the illustrators of the first print edition were American.

Visitors can also see a picture of a Canadian trade negotiator hoping to renegotiate the reciprocity agreement with president Abraham Lincoln on the margins of the 1863 Gettysburg address.

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“It just shows we’ve been talking about important issues for a really long time,” the U.S. Charge d’ Affaires in Ottawa, Elizabeth Aubin said.

The goal is to show we share more than the world’s largest border.

“This is the most consequential bilateral relationship we have,” Aubin told Global News.

“In sports, in politics, in the economy, across the full range of our civic society and political life, we’ve been together and these are great photos that show this through the years.”

The exhibit will remain in place until Sept. 15.

It will then travel to Calgary, Winnipeg and Vancouver.

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