The Edmonton Eskimos are front and centre in new ‘escape room’ in Saskatoon

Centre field on The Brick Field at Commonwealth Stadium. Dave Campbell/630 CHED

The Edmonton Eskimos have kidnapped the Saskatchewan Roughriders quarterback! Well not really.

But according to Mike Ringrose, one of the founding partners of Escape City​, that is the premise of their newest escape room in Saskatoon.

“There are some puzzles that are based in the Edmonton area,” Ringrose said. “But you’re working to try to find the location of the Grid Iron Gang, that’s the gang that’s captured the quarterback from the Roughriders. And they’re working to keep him hidden until the CFL Western Final is complete.”

Escape rooms are a physical adventure where people work together to solve puzzles to get out of a certain area, often with a time limit and a central theme.

They’ve grown in popularity since they were introduced in the early 2010s.

The first escape room popped up in Singapore in 2011, and they came to North America in 2012.

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Edmontonians will also notice a few familiar landmarks if they choose to go, including 104th Street, Ice District, West Edmonton Mall, the old Strathcona area, and Elk Island National Park.

Ringrose also said it’s a great way to cross promote tourism between the two cities.

“For people in Saskatoon, the room plays out in and around the Edmonton area,” Ringrose explained. “For drawing people to Saskatoon; we have quite a following in Edmonton and we know that escape rooms are becoming popular enough that people are willing to travel to try out new rooms.”

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Escape City is also working on a similar game, only reversed, at their Edmonton location.

More details on the Eskimos’ escape room can be found here.

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